Advising Mid-Sized Companies

San Francisco Financial District CPA

  • Between 2001 and 2006 Luigi shifted his focus toward working directly with business owners of mid-sized companies and non-profits.  This shift gave Luigi an opportunity to provide top-level strategic advice and to analyze a business’ total overall health.  He needed to be part of a regional CPA firm located in San Francisco’s Financial District where he could have access to professional staff and sophisticated colleagues.
  • For most of this period he worked for Daoro Zydel & Holland (now DZH Phillips).  He was primarily responsible for reviewing and managing the tax filings for all of the firm’s business and non-profit clients.  He helped these clients not only with tax planning, but also with strategic planning, investment analysis and cash flow planning.

Attracting Clients via Journal Articles, Public Speaking and Networking

  • Luigi attracted many clients during this period.  He spoke at industry conventions (such as for the California Association of Health Facilities) and he published journal articles (in such journals as The Tax Advisor and The Recorder).
  • Luigi was an avid networker:  a member of the SF Estate Planning Council, a member of the Bar Association of SF, and the SF Chamber of Commerce, to name just a few.
  • His client list included the San Francisco Soup Co., the Autism Recovery Consortium, and Ameristock Mutual Fund Management Co., among many other lesser known companies.

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