Consultation * Preparation * Representation

Luigi CPA is an accounting firm located in Oakland, CA that helps all types of businesses and individuals with tax planning, tax compliance and tax dispute services.

So if you need help in understanding your tax situation, or help understanding how a contemplated change will impact your taxes, call  Luigi today.

Luigi specializes in the medical marijuana industry.  He helps these businesses to comply with IRC Section 280E so as to balance tax cost against audit examination risk.  Please contact Luigi directly for more information about IRC Section 280E and to learn how he can help you to address this unique aspect of the tax code.

Luigi is also a member of BOTEC, the consulting firm assisting the Washington State Liquor Control Board with implementation of I-502.  See his white papers published on the website of the Liquor Control Board:

Feel free to call him at 415-568-7004 or email him at

3819 Cerrito Avenue Oakland, CA  94611

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